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At Estrella de Mar Veterinary Clinic we provide service, general consultation for your pets, and also:
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Centro veterinario Estrella de Mar


Preventive medicine is one of our priorities.

Vaccinating your pet when it is puppy and also when they become adult is very important for our pet´s health.

At the Estrella de Mar Veterinary Center, we have vaccination protocols, which have proven to be effective for the prevention of very serious diseases for our pets.

The prevalence of many diseases due to vaccines has been declining over the years, but unfortunately, the diseases from which we vaccinate our pets are still present and our animals are still exposed to contagion.

Others such as rabies, still extinct in Spain, are still necessary by law, to prevent them from appearing again in our country, given the proximity to countries where this dangerous and cruel disease is still present.

These diseases are very serious when the animals suffer them. So at the Estrella de Mar Veterinary Center, we recommend vaccinations as the best way to prevent them.

The vaccines have proven to be very effective against them and are very necessary, ask us and we will give you the schedule of vaccinations that must be done according to the age of your pet.

Centro veterinario Estrella de Mar

Identification with microchip:

it is mandatory by law in dogs, cats and ferrets from 3 months of age.

  • The placement is simple and lasts for the whole life of the animal.
  • It makes us owners and legal guardians of our pet.
  • It carries a code that is linked to our personal contact details.

These data become part of a registry in Andalusia, although national access and in case of loss or theft, this code is read by a microchip reader that have both veterinarians and police.

Centro veterinario Estrella de Mar

Processing of changes of holder / data / address of microchip

In case you change your address, give your pet to a new owner, or if you have adopted a pet, you must fill out a form for the procedure at the veterinarian.

Also, if you come from another country or autonomous community and you plan to live with your pet more than three months in Andalusia, you must go to the vet to register the chip in the database of the Andalusian identification system (RAIA).

All these procedures are carried out at the Estrella de Mar Veterinary Center, it is important to carry out this process, since the data of the former owner will not appear.

Centro veterinario Estrella de Mar

Internal deworming

The deworming is a veterinary act essential for the health of our pets and for those who live with them.

Our pets are in constant contact with other animals, and share sidewalks, parks, etc.

This treatment in animals is advisable to do it every three months.

Centro veterinario Estrella de Mar

External deworming

Fleas and ticks are very unpleasant when they occur in our pet or our home, but also are dangerous because of the diseases they transmit, our pet and also the human being.

They are easily prevented, the market offers an important variety of products, and at Estrella de Mar Veterinary Center, we will recommend the best for your pet, depending on your age, size, lifestyle... Contact us!!

We also inform and make preventive plans for diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

Centro veterinario Estrella de Mar

Emergency service:

The veterinary emergency service is staffed by qualified personnel to meet the needs of your pet at a clinical level.
In our phone you will always find an answer or a movile phone in case we are out of hours.